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2019 Independent Study at Mountain Lake  with Hollis Chatelain

 Sunday April 7 to Friday April 12, 2019

A 5-Day Retreat at the Blueberry Ridge Conference Center

and Cabins of Mountain Lake Lodge

115 Hotel Circle, Pembroke, Virginia 24136

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This is a great opportunity to stretch, to try something new,  and to receive support and suggestions.


Each student works on their own project.

Students get individual attention from Hollis when they get "stuck" or just want feedback.

This workshop is not a "how to" class with formal instruction, but Hollis is available to do demonstrations corresponding to each person's needs. Everyone interested is invited to participate in these demos.

This allows for further broadening of each person's knowledge.

We have critiques each day which are open to all participating students.

Hollis requests that students inform her of their projects ahead of time so she can be prepared to help.

Here are some examples of what students have worked on in Independent Study retreats:
Designing a quilt - coming with an idea and designing and making the quilt in class
Dye-painting - painting a large quilt with dyes
Designing quilting - figuring out and creating the design for the quilting
Quilting - quilting a quilt with help on color choices on threads
Drawing - going further in drawing to understand more about shading, perspective, portraiture,

or color in your pencil drawings
Color - figuring out how to choose fabrics for your quilt with color guidance
Finishing UFOs that were started but you just didn't know how to finish them

Below you will find the practical information about the April 2019 retreat in Virginia.

Registration opens end of July 2018
Registration Form

Art Inspired By Experience

Hollis Chatelain is an internationally recognized and award-winning artist specialized in textile painting. Through her works that address challenging social and environmental themes, Hollis reflects 12 years of experience living in West Africa and working with humanitarian organizations.

With an educational background in design and photography, and over 35 years experience as a professional artist, Hollis' work can be found in public and private collections throughout the world. In addition to creating her art, Hollis  holds lectures and workshops in the United States and abroad, instructing students in subjects including color, drawing, design, dye-painting, and quilting technique.

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