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Quilt related links for Southwest Virginia

  SWVA Quilt News

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Paula Golden,

Blacksburg, VA


... quilt artist and quilt teacher


Selected as the “Quilt Teacher of the Year” by The Professional Quilter Magazine, Paula is a co-author of “Quilts of Virginia:  Birth of America Through the Eye of a Needle". She offers a wide variety of workshops and presentations and is certified in administering the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. 


Karin Täuber

Blacksburg, VA

.....fiber artist

Karin’s international background inspires her quilting and helped her create a fascinating array of modern landscape art quilts as well as a large collection of traditional quilts. She has been quilting since her late twenties and has created quilts in all sizes, colors, techniques, and shapes.

Her award-winning work can be found in private collections and has been exhibited at local, regional, and international shows.


TAVA - Textile Artists of Virginia
We support each member as fiber artists,
explore boundaries of the medium,
and work to educate and increase public awareness
of fiber art.
We are open for new members who are interested and work in fiber art



Quilt Store locator

Within a 2 hours driving distance to Blacksburg:

Southwest Virginia and adjoining regions are home to many fabulous quilt stores.

Find link to file here...

To Wash or Not to Wash... a Quilters Dilemma!

Synthrapol vs Retayne

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